What to expect from your first experience pole fitness …

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July 24, 2015 by

I know it intimidates.
Not only for the misconceptions of society, the fear of the unknown, maybe entering a seedy ‘stripper’ world that our friends, family and neighbors would not condone, but what to actually expect from a first pole fitness experience is not going to be earth shattering, but yet it is.

Pole dancing is a truly difficult athletic practice that takes time and dedication. JUST LIKE ANYTHING ELSE! Muscle conditioning, flexibility training and perseverance shouldn’t stop anyone from trying it out. You don’t have to be a dancer, and you don’t need to be a gymnast, or even have flexibility or coordination (trust me on that last part). You need to have an open mind, and you need to expect an experience that is much more than just ‘putting in the time’ at a gym. You will learn muscle control, hip and body flexibility similar to yoga, and breathing. I’ve seen these transcribe into weight loss, re-sculpting of muscles, self-esteem and self-confidence boosts and acceptance to a welcoming sisterhood.
You will find the familiarity of regular fitness programs from the elements of warm up and cool down, the clothing worn, but the strength and conditioning is on the pole, and in a studio you’ll initially hate (lots of mirrors). But you likely won’t feel like going to the gym is an unbearable chore or doing the same boring workout. You will learn spins and transitions at the lower levels and then highest levels master inversions and strength holds.
Pole class is an addictive fitness form. It is a fusion of sensual movement, gymnastics on a vertical pole and strength training. I hope your first pole fitness is a play place for you to discover just what you are all about.
I would rate our Industry as a “Middle level of intensity”, but as there is a structured curriculum, you can absolutely start at the beginning level and work up to inversions and technical spins.
What to bring:
Socks or bare feet. It is not typical to START your pole journey in stilettos.
Water bottle, although we don’t get overly sweaty and most of the work is anaerobic, sometimes just the hydration will stave off foot cramps or be the little break you need to keep from getting dizzy.
Beginners wear what you would find at a typical yoga class. Only once you reach certain levels do you need the skin contact that requires shorts and tanks or sports bras.
Please leave the “stinkin’ thinkin’” behind. You know the kind. The thoughts that you hear in your head about why you won’t be able to do this, why you aren’t coordinated, strong, sexy, fit. Let go of your inhibitions and give yourself some well deserved me time. Embrace your journey!