Three Things I wish I would have known at the starting of my Pole experience

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July 24, 2015 by

1. Ask for help.

spotting extended-butterfly PoleFitness Aradia Mississauga Pole Dance Oakville Brampton MiltonAsk for help from several people. The “stupid” fireman spin was the second move I learned and my 5 month nemesis. I knew I was doing it wrong…but didn’t know how. I can tell you that I fudged it good enough to “fly by the radar” till one day an Instructor covering a vacation of my regular instructor said “did you know your footing was backwards…” >:( So, sometimes it takes a fresh voice, new eyes or just 7 times to “hear” what people are saying…so when in doubt…ask!


2. Take photos/videos early.

Some things you’ll nail early and then forget … or you’ll become disheartened with your progress…it is nice to “compare” your progress and also then when you are disheartened, you can see how far you have become. It is a known fact that the better pole dancers get the more they compare themselves to high level pros and the more frustrated they feel. Looking back on your own progress can sometimes be…shocking! (in a good way).

3. Try new things.

Just because you go somewhere with a set curriculum, take that structured seminar – doesn’t mean you aren’t going to learn SOMETHING New. Go to new instructors, classes, studios. There is always something to be gained in trying something new! 😉
Now, please, let me know your 3 wishes of what you would have liked to know from the get go!