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Just prior to my 42nd Birthday I took up a hobby (pole fitness) while I was on a sabbatical, that close friends call “midlife crisis”.
Mine, however, didn’t turn into a new car, but new ‘car’eer.
See, the thing is, I have a geeky science education, worked as a self-employed/entrepreneur in the finance industry for 17 years, have never been overly fit, or involved in any physical sports. Wife and Mother of two wonderful daughters, I’m certainly not the type of person you’d expect to find in the Sisterhood, and yet I am sooo typical. I’m one of the few that get such an adrenaline rush from being in a studio and around other polers that I even put up with my vertigo while I had to learn spins! People call me strong, but I look at all the great pole artists, aerial artists and I can only find fault in my imperfections and strive for more greatness. But I willingly admit to a strength of character to go after something I’m passionate about and try and make the world a better place by enthusiastically and genuinely trying to share it with others, so they can also experience or feel that same powerful connection to achievement, accomplishment, to unleashing and reconnecting with your sexy strong self. I am Loving every minute of this challenge.



Joni is a  mother of 3 teenage boys and a pediatric nurse. She has been poling for approximately 6 years and also loves aerial silks and hot yoga. She had lost 65lbs in 4 months just by poling and eating healthy after the birth of her 7lb twins.. She is the founder and organizer of  Ontario Pole Jams, uniting polers who share the passion of this art form. She combined her love for pole and aerial silks and became the 1st instructor in Canada to be certifed in Fabpole/Polesilks.  Joni is a Pole and Polesilks competitor and  loves to teach and inspire others to feel strong, confident and sexy.



Kimberly has been with Aradia Fitness for several years, she has been teaching at the Mississauga location since it opened.  This ‘Southern Belle’ will confound you as she plies you with her charm, yet gets your muscles to ache in her Fit’n Flexi classes. Kim created and has taught Fit n Flexi from the beginning and also teaches pole as well for the last couple of years.



Serena’s gentle, graceful approach to pole helps our Intermediate & Advanced level students to polish and push themselves.  Serena has many years not only with pole, but circus training and silks.   When she isn’t busy flying high, she has a Clark Kent alter ego professional life, and a loving family to keep her busy.



I love trying new things and challenging myself! It’s who I am. For over 15+ years, I have been a full-time Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. Personally, I have tried many amazing things over the years from Triathlons, Running Races, Fitness Competitions, and much more. I love the journey of self-discovery. Fitness is my passion and my daily drive. I love setting personal goals and working hard to achieve and even surpass these objectives.

I believe that everyone should try something new yearly and find the beauty in the art of movement. Your health and happiness should always be your number one priority. Pole Dancing was a new adventure for me. I never took dance as a child and had no idea what I was getting into but I was up for a new game and challenge. I loved it so much I became a certified Beginner and Intermediate Pole Dance Instructor. I needed a break from the norm of working out in a typical gym and I loved how graceful people looked dancing as well as the sensual aspect of it all. After all, I have two growing boys and as a woman I needed to feel sexy once in a while!


After years of jazz and ballet lessons, Libby began her pole career in 2011 in Queensland, Australia. She quickly fell in love with the athleticism and artistry of the sport and has since gone on to become an instructor, performer, competitor, and choreographer. She also has a great love for the pole community and tries to bring a sunny and inclusive attitude to all of her classes.

Mel Irene


Melanie started pole dancing in 2007 when she was looking to add some creativity and excitement into her grad-student life. With a strong background in dance and fitness, pole dancing seemed like a great way to combine the two into a fun and effective workout.  Much like everyone else, she was instantly hooked. Melanie began teaching pole in 2009 and has taught and created a variety of classes and workshops including choreography, conditioning, flexibility, tricks and competition training. She is currently a certified pole fitness instructor (PFIC & Aradia), has a PhD in Kinesiology, and has past experience personal training as a CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist®.  Teaching has given her an avenue to combine her passions for pole and kinesiology to provide safe and effective training for all of her pole students.


Laura Griffin is the innovative founder of Griffin Aerial Arts. A professional performer since 2005, Laura has toured across Canada, the United States, Mediterranean, and Europe with companies like Cirque Sublime and Disney Cruise Lines. She is a multidisciplinary professional circus artist coaching and performing over the past 12 years on aerial hoop, silks, Spanish web, mobile, net, straps, Chinese poles, dance trapeze, and in partner balancing.

Taking her passion for movement, Laura chose to seek an education in movement by studying dance through the Etobicoke School of the Arts and the Fine Arts (Dance) Department of York University.  This afforded her the opportunity to study the science behind strength, flexibility and cognitive adaptation. Aerial arts blended the elements of dance and sport which she loved, developing a deep passion which burns strong in her heart. A passion she loves to share with students and colleagues. Her NCCP training and affiliation with the Coaching Association of Canada has added to her appeal as a competent instructor and coach, recognizing the unique challenge for each student that has optimized the outcomes and satisfaction of all of her students.

In 2015 Laura became a Certified Personal Trainer with CPTN, she uses her training to optimize strength development for her students. This certification is a continuation of her study of the human body and its multitude of movement modalities.

Laura currently coaches circus under Griffin Aerial Arts and the Flying Arts Collective Toronto, and now here at Aradia Mississauga.  She performs independently and in affiliation with Illuminair Entertainment. As an experienced performer, Laura brings a high quality of entertainment that has captivated audiences on more than three continents. Her love of the art form pushes her to continue innovating and creating, enjoying the challenge of a life of circus and aerial arts.

Guest Instructors - Double Pole Trouble

Karen & LeeAnn (DoublePoleTrouble) are the current CPFA Canadian National Pole Doubles Champions & are spokeswomen for Indi Pole Wear
Karen & LeeAnn have been best friends for over 8 years and discovered the art of pole dance a year and a half ago. With extensive backgrounds in theatre, gymnastics and figure skating they decided to take advantage of those skills and turn their friendship into a pole partnership. It was the best decision they’ve ever made! They are the current CPFA Canadian National Pole Doubles Champions and are spokeswomen for Indi Pole Wear
2015 CPFA Canadian National Pole Doubles Champions
2015 CPFA Canadian National Championships: Best Tricks