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Just prior to my 42nd Birthday I took up a hobby (pole fitness) while I was on a sabbatical, that close friends call “midlife crisis”.
Mine, however, didn’t turn into a new car, but new ‘car’eer.
See, the thing is, I have a geeky science education, worked as a self-employed/entrepreneur in the finance industry for 17 years, have never been overly fit, or involved in any physical sports. Wife and Mother of two wonderful daughters, I’m certainly not the type of person you’d expect to find in the Sisterhood, and yet I am sooo typical. I’m one of the few that get such an adrenaline rush from being in a studio and around other polers that I even put up with my vertigo while I had to learn spins! People call me strong, but I look at all the great pole artists, aerial artists and I can only find fault in my imperfections and strive for more greatness. But I willingly admit to a strength of character to go after something I’m passionate about and try and make the world a better place by enthusiastically and genuinely trying to share it with others, so they can also experience or feel that same powerful connection to achievement, accomplishment, to unleashing and reconnecting with your sexy strong self. I am Loving every minute of this challenge.



Helen brings her passion in circus arts and artistic nature to our Pole Silks and Aerial Silks classes, makes them fun and challenging at every fitness level. When she is not busy training her circus skills, she enjoys her family and achieving big goals in her IT profession. Helen is a mother of a teenager and a school-ager and believes that impossible is only if you believe so but opening mind towards possibilities will get you beyond you’ve imagined, in fitness or else.



Gabriela Moreno Ruiz

My name is Gabriela Moreno Ruiz and I’m a proud Mexican. Born with a dancer’s heart and manifested that to my life, I started dancing at age 4, which thrilled my mom, the perfect activity for her “tomboy”.

After years of bouncing from ballet to jazz, to tap, to gymnastics (short lived ~ as I was too tall!), to cheerleading, I found one of my passions; bellydancing. I started bellydancing at 16, and I was a big fan of Shakira. Bellydance brought me such joy, made me body proud and I found a beautiful community that encouraged me to become better. When I moved to Canada I was looking for a big change of life, wasn’t dancing anymore, was tired of being a lawyer and having to run my business, I was missing something. It took me 3 years, and starting pole dancing to realize just what I needed. I was early 30’s and upset and tired, with not many choices for adult FUN fitness, I chose to call up the local pole studio. I was so excited and nervous because the then “Miss Pole Canada” was the studio Owner. Shanyn Pollard turned out welcoming and asked me to join one open pole class so I could see if it was what I was looking for. I can remember going in, fully clothed, so just my hands and face could be seen. Now very self-aware of myself I enter to this beautiful place where everyone was super welcoming… the girls in the studio where all having fun and doing crazy tricks. And I received support, comfort and love, from the other students, Instructors and now friends. I immediately fall in love with this sport. The following years have been amazing -finding best friends – pole sisters — feeling encouraged — beautiful. I have found so much body confidence to the point of now helping others to achieve those things also. Pole has opened my eyes to wonderful styles of teaching and fitness like never before and I intend to keep it in my life until I die from old age… literally ?

In my “spare time” I do have a career in interior design which I love to practice, too.



Serena’s gentle, graceful approach to pole helps our Intermediate & Advanced level students to polish and push themselves.  Serena has many years not only with pole, but circus training and silks.   When she isn’t busy flying high, she has a Clark Kent alter ego professional life, and a loving family to keep her busy.


Laura Griffin is the innovative founder of Griffin Aerial Arts. A professional performer since 2005, Laura has toured across Canada, the United States, Mediterranean, and Europe with companies like Cirque Sublime and Disney Cruise Lines. She is a multidisciplinary professional circus artist coaching and performing over the past 12 years on aerial hoop, silks, Spanish web, mobile, net, straps, Chinese poles, dance trapeze, and in partner balancing.

Taking her passion for movement, Laura chose to seek an education in movement by studying dance through the Etobicoke School of the Arts and the Fine Arts (Dance) Department of York University.  This afforded her the opportunity to study the science behind strength, flexibility and cognitive adaptation. Aerial arts blended the elements of dance and sport which she loved, developing a deep passion which burns strong in her heart. A passion she loves to share with students and colleagues. Her NCCP training and affiliation with the Coaching Association of Canada has added to her appeal as a competent instructor and coach, recognizing the unique challenge for each student that has optimized the outcomes and satisfaction of all of her students.

In 2015 Laura became a Certified Personal Trainer with CPTN, she uses her training to optimize strength development for her students. This certification is a continuation of her study of the human body and its multitude of movement modalities.

Laura currently coaches circus under Griffin Aerial Arts and the Flying Arts Collective Toronto, and now here at Aradia Mississauga.  She performs independently and in affiliation with Illuminair Entertainment. As an experienced performer, Laura brings a high quality of entertainment that has captivated audiences on more than three continents. Her love of the art form pushes her to continue innovating and creating, enjoying the challenge of a life of circus and aerial arts.

Elisabeth Magalhaes

Elisabeth Magalhaes is the previous owner of Muse Pole Dance & Fitness Studio, formerly Live Once.  She began her dance experience at a very young age, studying ballet, jazz and modern.  By the time she turned 19 she was a certified group fitness instructor and followed that up with her personal training certification a few years later.  With a passion for dance and fitness, Elisabeth started pole dancing in 1999 and has never looked back.

She is the Director of the Canadian Pole Fitness Association as well as a master trainer for CPFA Pole and Aerial Hoop certifications. She has hosted the 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 Canadian Pole Fitness Championship and first ever Canadian Pole Expo as well as the 2016, 2017 and 2018 Toronto Pro SuperShow Pole and Aerial Hoop competition.

Elisabeth has performed in a number of pole and aerial productions, won first place in the PSO 2014 Masters Level 4 for pole as well as choreographed numbers for other dancers, competitors and performers.

Elisabeth has found her passion in pole, aerial hoop, dance and fitness and is looking forward to spending many more years enjoying this amazing art of dance and sharing her love for it with others. She is very excited to join the Aradia Fitness and Brass Belles team!



I’m a fun-loving, easy going person who loves to dance, spend time with my family and friends and just have a good time. I’m the mother of one handsome little man who is my most favourite thing in the whole world. Most importantly, I love what Brass Belles has done for me in the past 3 years and that is, helping me embrace and love the body I have – curves and all – and I love having the opportunity to share that experience with the amazing women I meet in my classes.