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April 18, 2016 by

So what is a showcase?

Our students work hard,13015270_624045667744735_4508535641907440800_n both physically and mentally.

Polefitness takes a bit more of your body, brain, and concentration than your “typical gym” or “typical dance” experience.  We are not just about ‘the reps’, the ‘WODs’, the style & grace, or achieving your PB ~ which are all great things.  But with PoleFitness, as well as the normal physical and mental hurdles, there are stereotypes to overcome.  You get the same benefits of any regular “dance” or exercise, yes; there’s just more to over come.  More areas to grow and develop and challenge yourself with.

The typical polefitness studio churns out people who tend to be more rewarded by their experience than most “gym” experiences.

Now I’m not trying to pick a fight over what is best for anyone.  Truth is the best thing is any exercise or physical activity that you will actually STICK TO.

But here is something unique to the PoleDance world. Showcases!Capture

In fitness scenes you can compete in races, or tournaments.  Dance has recitals for kids.  So do polestudios!

Now Pole Studio Students have a lot to overcome.  Often times, they have to swallow pride when admitting to friends and family what physical recreation they’ve taken up.  Face potential judgement and scrutiny.  Even well meaning.  Yes those darn stereotypes again.

Then you try and explain what you do at classes.  While the best way is to bring someone out to try a class, alternatively you can invite them to ‘watch’ at a Student Showcase.

Most communities will have individual studio showcases, organized area or “district’ showcases, or even competitions.  Let’s face it, most of us aren’t born to show off and compete, so these studio showcases become either stepping stones for people or just a place for them to bring their friends and families to. Or as an outlet to express that creativeness they have bundled up inside of them.

Albeit they can sometimes be just like a little kid’s recital, I’ve been to events that are ‘cirque-de-sol’ wkatchorthy, if not as professional and polished.  But they also don’t have the same price tag.  And they are usually open to the public to attend.  So if you have ever been curious to what polefit, or poledance, or Polesilks is all about, come on out to a studio showcase, or catch a performance on our youtube showcase or KATCH channel (Katch soon to be closing).

You should be proud that your studio not only teaches a beautiful art form to students of all ages, but that is also contributes to the well-being your community.



Remember to support your local Pole 12802862_604812806334688_4256932159633012615_n Studio!