Setting Yourself Up for Success

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January 14, 2016 by

Have you ever wanted to try adding something into your routine and keep getting off track somewhere?  Or tried adjusting your budget only to get derailed part way through?  Whenever you’re trying to change something in your life you need to give yourself credit that it might be tough! This is when goal setting can really come in handy.  Goals area great thing to have as they can help us out in so many ways.  You can use goal setting to help you become the best version of you; either by trying you new things or adding/subtracting a habit from your life.  The thing to be mindful when goal setting is that you need to be kind to yourself, you want to succeed after all!  It may seem like a great idea to drastically change things but this general backfires.  Success comes through making minor changes that you can stick to, over time these will add up to large changes.  If you try and do too much at once you run the risk of failing and having your self esteem take a blow.  You may even think that you’re not cut out for this new habit or maybe that you’re not capable of the changes that you want.  This can be changed by setting yourself up for success.  It may take a bit longer but this way the goal will stick!

Some things you can try to do through goal setting are:

Trying to add a habit into your life for example daily flossing. For some people we’re great about it after going to the dentist but then after a few weeks it starts to fall behind. Typically when trying to start this you may say “I’m going to brush my teeth daily from now on!”. And you’ll be great about it to start and maybe you’ll stick with it and it’ll be perfect. However for some people you start off great but then miss a day, that turns into two and before you know it the habit has slipped because you feel too far behind. One way to deal with this is to start with flossing on weekends; once that is solid you can add in wednesdays for example. The other option is to issue yourself a 30 day challenge and see how you do. Sometimes when things have a perceived end point we are better at sticking to it. At the end of the 30 days you can assess how it went. I once saw a TED talk about a fellow who does this and changes it up each month (

You can try and eliminate a bad habit the same way by only eliminating on certain days to start. As soon as we “outlaw” something it’s all we can think about! So this way it’s only off limits on Mondays and Thursdays you can stick to that. The benefit of either adding/removing something that way is that you typically feel pretty great when you stick to it. These are just some examples of different goals that you can try and different ways to try and incorporate them into your life. Remember it might not always be easy, or else you’d already be doing it! Just be kind to yourself when you slip up and start over. Sometimes when we bite off more than we can chew we can get discouraged so just take it slow and you’ll do just fine.

Now, what kind of goals are you going to add?  Be sure to post your progress and add the hastags #ampolegoals #myaradiajourney  #amgoalclub & we will follow your progress and do our best to keep you accountable!