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July 24, 2015 by

Because the sport is relatively new, (truthfully with the Canadian origins not starting until around 2003), its barely a decade old, and still evolving.

So there are no real “standardized” names for pole fitness moves.

This lack of consensus can prove frustrating.

Names vary not only among geographic locations, but sometimes from studio to studio – trust me on this, instructor to instructor, I have suffered through it.   I perpetuate it. Of course I do.  First off, I have a poor memory for names, second there is no standardization…yet.

In an attempt to combat this, in 2010 a panel of the pole fitness industry’s top competitors reached a consensus on names for many of the standard pole fitness spins, inversions, transitions and holds. The Pole Fitness Association compiled them into a glossary, with pictures, titled the “PFA Visual Dictionary.”

Those who wish to learn the terminology, as well as the correct form for moves such as the Hook and Roll, the Reverse Stag Spin, the Crescent and the Archer Hold, can view the visual glossary available for free at the The Pole Fitness Association website.

BUT since then other sites have sprung up: pole dictionary

Studioveena and every many more pole site will have helpful pics and names, but…yes, they still contradict and make the problem perpetuate.

pole-journal-book PoleFitness Aradia Mississauga Pole Dance Oakville Brampton MiltonMy best advice is to just master your favourite moves, know them by a couple of names, and have fun. Pole journaling will help with the name confusion and is a great way to also track your progress.  But don’t just journal, keep a video journal.  Not only will it assist you with your moves, but it is a GREAT tool to us to critic and grow, but looking back a couple of years to see how far you have come helps when you are being ever so hard on yourself about how you “can’t seem to do a darned thing”!