Introduction to our Blog

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July 24, 2015 by

Hello, and let me introduce you to our blog page.  Rather our ARADIA FITNESS MISSISSAUGA Blog page

This will be a new forum to share our love of Pole Dance Fitness with the world!  For us, Pole has soooo many aspects.

  • Fun Fitness
  • Bring Sexy Back
  • Creativity/Coordination
  • Performance/Inspiration
  • Personal Growth

I’m in awe that there are so many aspects that each capture my passion for growth and inspiration.

Maybe we’ll add categories as we go, but look forward to us (we are a sisterhood after all, so there will be guest writers) adding to each topic as we go/grow!

In the meantime, while the mojo gets flowing here is a piece that falls in the Catagory “Bringing Sexy Back” from a local photographer who specializes in Sexy Boudiour Photos.  Jen from JnK Imagery!   A blog about a transformation of a different sort, but totally just like what we see all the time.  WE LOVE TRANSFORMATIONS!!!!  (and heck, we specialize in them!!!)

Update>> We loved the whole “bringing sexy back” experience that Jen @JnK Imagery provided, that we went ahead and …well…look for yourself!