How do YOU react to the Pole?

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June 1, 2016 by

This blog post is inspired from the notion of shaking the myths of pole dancing, and my own personal fascination over how and why people and societies have developed said myths.

Pole is obviously something in which I am entrenched. Watching HOW people react TO me being in this industry and their notion of pole will often allow me to surmise a lot about that person’s nature.

I happened across this great presentation by Christie Kerner and her pole journey experience. (below for your viewing pleasure). It exemplifies her naïve perspective to pole.

If you don’t have the chance to watch the video, here are some key things I pulled from it.

Ignorance truly is bliss…maybe.

A pole class experience is:

  • Part Workout
  • Part Girls Night out
  • Part meditative movement
  • Part cathartic therapy session

And finally I love this quote she used: Sometimes your head doesn’t know best, and it is smart to let your music play louder than you can think!

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