Sep '18


What to Expect From Your First Pole Dance Competition

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By Erica Cosentino After taking their first few classes and becoming hooked to the sport, a lot of new pole dancers decide that they have their sights set on participating in a competition someday. Some train hard to be the absolute master of tricks, while many others simply want to compete for the experience. Whatever… Read more »

Jul '18


Sleep & Fitness by Lucy Wyndham

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Why Sleep and Fitness Go Hand In Hand With a reported 55% of Canadian women aged 18 to 64 struggling to fall or stay asleep, lack of rest is a factor that cannot be ignored in relation to health. Substandard sleep can contribute to obesity, depression and type 2 diabetes among other health issues, but it… Read more »

Jun '18


Iron & Exercising by Lucy Wyndham

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Why You Need More Iron While Exercising Every year, 33% of Canadians resolve to embrace personal fitness in their lives, according to Ipsos. Not only does living a healthy lifestyle mean exercising regularly, but it also means taking the recommended nutrients. While there are many fun and effective option for getting exercise, it’s no secret that most of us forget… Read more »