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Iron & Exercising by Lucy Wyndham

Why You Need More Iron While Exercising

Every year, 33% of Canadians resolve to embrace personal fitness in their lives, according to Ipsos. Not only does living a healthy lifestyle mean exercising regularly, but it also means taking the recommended nutrients. While there are many fun and effective option for getting exercise, it’s no secret that most of us forget the importance of workout nutrition. This can be quite detrimental to your health, especially if you ignore some basic nutrients like iron. The truth is, exercising can also reduce the amount of iron in your body, making it even more essential to replenish its levels. Here’s all you need to know about iron and exercise:

How Does Exercising Lower Iron Levels?

Although iron deficiency is mostly connected to high endurance sports among other common causes, even a fun and simple fitness exercise like pole dancing can still lead to low levels when combined with other factors. Exercise causes inflammation, which encourages the production of the hormone hepcidin. The hormone then reduces the levels of iron in the blood. Excessive exercise can further block the absorption of the mineral into the body. Other factors that might contribute to deficiency include the production of menstrual blood in women, gastrointestinal blood and the loss of iron through sweating during exercise.

Replenishing the Levels of Iron in Your Body While Exercising

The recommended daily iron intake for adults above the age of 19 is 8mg for men and 18mg for women. However, this rate will vary for women in different stages of life, such as pregnancy, where they need more mineral intake. To maintain the right levels, indulge in food like eggs, liver, chocolate, lentils, sardines, and spinach, which are all rich iron sources. If maintaining a high intake level is tough due to dietary constraints, then taking iron supplements is a wise choice.

Taking Enough Vitamin C Is Also Wise

There are two types of dietary iron: heme and nonheme iron. The body will typically absorb 15-35% of the heme iron, which is produced from animal food products. The nonheme iron, which is from plant-based foods, only gets 2-20% of it absorbed into the body. When taken with vitamin C, the nonheme iron absorption levels increase. This is because the vitamin combines with it to form a compound that can be easily absorbed into the body. You can get a good serving of vitamin C from cabbages, cauliflower, tomatoes and broccoli.

Low iron levels can not only lead to diseases like anemia, but can also lead to you experiencing fatigue from a few minutes of working out. Ensuring that you take the recommended daily intake of iron is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Consider the above guidelines to keep up with taking healthy iron levels for your workout routine.


Get Fit With New Friends – Student Spotlight on Denise

Continuing the Spotlight on our Fantastic Students: Here is the next in our series:


I have been taking classes at Aradia for more than a year now.  Growing up, I have never been into sports so trying to learn how be active as an adult is a lot harder.   I have tried gym memberships and even paid for a trainer but nothing seem to motivate me to regularly go to the gym.  I was introduced to pole fitness by a work colleague.  She had endless stories of how fun and exciting the pole classes were that I ought to give it a try myself.

At first, it was very intimidating to join a class where everyone seem to able to do complex moves. Minutes after my first class started, I came to realize how supportive this community is. There is nothing but love and support and everyone is rooting for each and every one to succeed. My experience at Aradia has been wonderful. I am currently taking all the aerial classes (pole, pole silks, lyra and silks) and I genuinely enjoy all of them.

I would highly encourage everyone to try a class at Aradia. My advice for anyone who was hoping to join the studio is to be patient. Be patient with yourself and give yourself credit where credit is due. Rome was not built in a day so you should not be disappointed if you cannot nail a move right away. On the same token, practice and perseverance will get you a long way.

Each class, I discover something new about myself. Never have I thought I’d be able to climb the silks and invert on the pole but here I am – enjoying every minute of it. I know there is a lot more to learn but someday I hope to be able perform a solo silk performance for my family and friends.

What Exactly is YOUR Scale Measuring?

weigh inThis poster appeared in my feed recently.

It is a powerful, NEGATIVE statement, and it bothers me every time I think about it. (For those that can’t see the attached caption it reads: “Why weigh yourself when you could set yourself on fire then roll in broken glass and feel the same way?”)

More and more I run into people who are feeling abashed, and beating themselves up because they know they are “overweight” and “need to lose weight”.  Millions of companies and products bank (literally) on encouraging you to feel like that.

BUNK.  Weight — over or under, is one of those societal or actuarial ‘standards’ set in place by others.  Marketing to your fears and insecurities.

Health.  Fitness.  Feeling good about your body.  These things are not measurable by a scale.

Oh, I used to obsess about my scale as well.  I used to like to see the pounds drop.   Then I started the studio, and working on the pole and silks.  I started getting stronger and GAINED WEIGHT!  #shock #horror.

But hang in there a second…it was because I have a new found “core”, a ‘flak jacket of PURE Muscle’.  Yes I still have fat over top of it.  But I find this kind of psyche bashing around using the scale as a measure of how you feel to be utterly disgusting.  I would like you to challenge yourself to think outside of the box.  Find something you enjoy doing.  Find something you think might be a FUN weight goal.  Like being able to “weigh yourself on a wall bar”dakota on wall board like Dakota Fox, our US polresizede-sister is doing here.  Help a friend weigh in, like these ladies, Julie and Dakota, are doing.   Or by weighing yourself by rock climbing or hanging off a pole, or lyra hoop.  Your muscles will tell you exactly how well your “weight” feels.  When it feels easy, comfortable, doable, repeatable…you know you’ve hit a milestone.  Not only in accomplishing a goal, but abashing this kind of “rolling in shards of glass” thinking right out of your head and your world.  And who knows…maybe someone will be infected and INSPIRED by you….not bound further into the ‘pit’ of ‘scale despair’.


Please share with us your great “out of the box” weight targets.   We want to help you inspire the world!

Thanks to Dakota from Aradia Fitness USA, Franchise Owner, Studio Owner, Pole Instructor, Pole Performer, PoleSister Extraordinaire,

Julie Flint, Stony Plain Aradia Fitness Studio Owner, Pole Instructor, Ab-inspirer, Motivator, PoleSister Extraordinaire!


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