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Get Fit With New Friends This Summer – Student Spotlight on Patricia

Continuing the Spotlight on our Fantastic Students, here is the next in our series:
“I started my Pole Dance journey at Aradia Fitness about 2 years ago and I wasn’t as near strong, happy and confident as I am right now! At that time I couldn’t even think at climbing or sitting on the pole.

During these two great years the studio became my second home! A place where I found amazing and supportive instructors that not only teach me pole but teach me to be confident about who I am and what I can achieve always trusting that I can go beyond my limits.

This year I am going to my first competition, something that I couldn’t ever think or dream about. The body achieves what the mind believes! Friendship, support and Kindness are the words that best define Aradia Fitness for me.”



We’d like to introduce to you one of our amazing Students BECKY.  She’s graciously willing to share her story with you in what we hope is the first in a series of helping you get to know a bit more about our wonderful student base and their journey!

My Aradia Journey

I started with Aradia Fitness Mississauga in the summer of 2015 after doing some research online. The variety of classes including pole dancing, pole silks, and strength and flexibility sessions is what drew me to Aradia, what kept me there was the encouraging, body positive environment, new aerial program and amazing, caring instructors. 2 years later and I could not be more proud to belong to a studio that boasts an incredibly friendly, uplifting and supportive environment. Each class is filled with women of all ages, shapes and sizes with a range of flexibility and strength encouraging each other to do their best and lifting each other up on the tough days. Over my 2 years with Aradia I’ve learned from a variety of fantastic instructors what it means to be a pole dancer. Growing in strength and flexibility I’ve been able to accomplish moves I could only dream of starting off. I can do the splits now, something that I never thought I would achieve in my life time! More importantly I’ve gained a body positive attitude and built great friendships—nothing builds a bond quicker than holding another person in the air as you spin around!  Aradia Fitness and the sport of Pole Fitness has changed my life in the best way possible, the small first steps of signing up for my first class has led to an incredible journey of growth, goals and achievements with many more to come. Once you start with Aradia, you’ll never want to stop!



Reflections from a Beginner to Pole Dancing

Mississauga-20141112-01545-1024x768Going in (to my first class) I didn’t have any goals, although I knew that I definitely wanted to leave the class knowing at least one trick. It may sound cliché but I guess what I was expecting was to see a class of girls working the poles (such as twirling/flipping around/doing tricks). It wasn’t like that at all. The classes are fun, motivating and make me feel better! Despite the aches and some soreness that I often begin to feel over the few days after a class. (when I squat down, boy do I feel my legs and it can be hard raising my arms up high).
Working out is a great way to blow off steam and remain focused on yourself, but pole dancing, I don’t know, I mean I could be having a bad day at work or be stressed from my personal life, but as soon as I get to a class, it’s like the negativity never happened!
Pole Dancing is a great way to work out without feeling like you’re actually working out. Great atmosphere, great music, great students & instructors. It’s like working out with a bunch of friends, no matter what level you’re at.

The progression is what really motivates me into coming back. I enjoy watching my body become stronger and be able to do things that I never thought it could be capable of.
I love everything about pole, and I now have a bucket list of new moves and physical achievements I didn’t know existed a few months ago.      —  Alyssa A