22 day Self Esteem Challenge – Starting November 9th – Dec 6th 2015

If you are female, chances are you wrestle with self-esteem issues and it doesn’t matter what your age, position, upbringing or culture.
Confession: I’m quick to build up others, but I’ll tear myself down, and I don’t think I consciously even realize I’m doing it or know why.

My job, career, essence is to build up others, in one manner or another. Bit hypocritical, isn’t it?
At our studio we have striven to create a non-judgmental, supportive environment where our students can feel safe and comfortable expressing themselves creatively and learn to love the skins they’re in. As the owner of the studio and an instructor, it is not always easy to exemplify this. I myself struggle with thoughts of self-doubt and self-deprecation almost every day. Like most people, I have those two voices constantly at war with each other in my head; the confident, happy, vibrant, encouraging and loving voice trying to build me up to face my challenges and celebrate who I am and the frightened, angry, mean and judgmental voice who always tries to tear me back down again. The struggle is real within ourselves.
In today’s world we are constantly bombarded with media messages that tell us how we should look, how we should feel, and shape how we think others perceive us.
We constantly compare ourselves against often unrealistic ideals.
Let’s bring those voices into the light and explore together. This could get rough, and maybe awkward, but we strongly hope that you will participate with us for the next 22 days whether by posting and sharing here, or by participating privately and writing your answers in a journal or simply answering silently in your own head. We hope that at the end of the challenge you will have learned some things about yourselves, feel more confident and formed a habit of daily positive self-reinforcement. It takes 21 days to form a habit. We’ve given you one extra day to celebrate once you have.
Instructions for participating online:
Please share the challenge and post your responses online, in any social media vehicle, and use hashtag ‪#‎iamaradiabeautiful‬ so all our sisters and brothers participating in all our Aradia studios across Canada and the US can find and follow our responses. If you chose to post on your own wall, please consider tagging our studio page so we can see your posts. If you post publicly, your posts may be shared. If you prefer to participate in a more intimate environment, post your responses in our closed student forum instead. In the spirit of the challenge, keep your posts and responses positive. Absolutely no trolling or negative comments on other people’s posts will be permitted (or on your own, for that matter!).
We’ve outlined the full challenges here but we will also be posting the daily challenge each day on our social media channels.
Day 1 – We are going to start simple. The facial feature that you most like about yourself, and why.
Day 2 – We want to get to know about you, favorite body part, and feel free to right more than one if you have more than one favorite!
Day 3 – Now today, is more about your personality. What is the personality trait that you most like about yourself?
Day 4 – Habits. We all have them good and bad. Let’s talk about the good stuff. Tell us a habit that you like that you have.
Day 5 – This is a little harder. We are all so unique and that is what makes us beautiful Tell us something about the way that you think that you like.
Day 6 – We have all heard people say things about the way we “JUST ARE” Tell us something about the way that you JUST ARE that you like.
Day 7 – Go to the mirror today and tell yourself “I AM BEAUTIFUL..HELL I AM THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PERSON I KNOW”
Day 8 – Compliments are sometimes are for people to accept. How do you react when someone compliments you?
Day 9 – I love to laugh really hard. What is the last thing that made you laugh so hard it hurt? Tell me you didn’t smile when you thought about that memory.
Day – 10 Friends are very honest people. What is the thing that your best friend would say is your best thing about being your friend
Day 11 – They say you get wiser as you get old. What have you learned about yourself as you got older?
Day 12 – There are always certain activities or certain clothes that make us feel better about ourselves. When do you feel best about yourself?
Day 13 – I know there are people out there that do not feel confident. Going to tell you right now that the most confident person in the world has insecurities about something, or is self-conscience about something. They just are not allowing it to be their leader, they have chosen to not listen to that little voice inside of all of us. What advice would you give someone you know about having low self-esteem and low confidence?
Day 14 – TODAY I want you to tell someone else how beautiful they are. Pay it forward.
Day 15 – Smile today, when anything gets you down Smile, it changes everything. I know you smile is beautiful, everyone is a little more beautiful when they are happy and they smile. Maybe you are not happy yet, smile force it and the happiness will follow.
Day 16 – Compliment someone today, heck compliment many people today. There is nothing better than noticing and acknowledging another person’s beauty to help you find your confidence.
Day 17 – Start reading today, start a hobby, sign up for a class. Whatever it is DO IT TODAY. Being something into your life that is not normally there, it will allow you the opportunity to grow yourself as a person and increase your confidence, with knowledge and experience.
Day 18 – Listen to someone today, whether it is a story about their life, or an experience, really listen and get to know this person, you would be surprised how many people are around you that feel very isolated. Engage people, and communicate with people in REAL LIFE, it will make you feel great and even better you may make a world of difference to them.
Day 19 – Today you are going to accept that there may be physical, personality parts that you don’t like. What are those?
Day 20 – Now today we are going to make a decision. We are going to verbally out loud accept that I don’t like that body part, I don’t like that personality trait and that is just who I am and I am going to start to LOVE who I am.
Day 21 – This is the second last day, things are getting real ladies. Today you are going to make a choice. If you would like to change anything, you are going to acknowledge that you are going to change it for one reason YOU. You may want to be more polite, so you are going to make an attempt to say please and thank-you more in your days. You may want to become more relaxed and bring yoga into your life, you may want to eat more healthy so today you are going to make a plan to do so. We are on this planet to continually grow as people, use today as the opportunity to accept the person that you are entirely and accept the challenge to grow as a person. Everything we go through helps us grow and evolve as people.
Day 22 – The last day of the challenge, I want you to treat yourself. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and you deserve to be treated like the beautiful person that you are. GIVE YOURSELF A TREAT. We want to hear about, shopping, manicures, pedicures, eating lunch out, took a night off from cooking, whatever your treat is we want to hear it.


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