3 Biggest Misconceptions about Joining your First Pole Class

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July 24, 2015 by

This article was written by the fabulous Alishia Sala.

3 Biggest Misconceptions about Joining your First Pole Class

In 8 years of running my pole dancing for fitness studio, it never ceases to astound me how many women are dying to attend their first pole class but are held back by 3 BIG misconceptions. So today let’s tackle and bust up each misconception one by one.

1. “I need to be fit before I can start pole dancing.” BIG misconception! The whole point of joining a fitness class is to up your commitment to your health and get fit. If you are feeling out of shape, uncoordinated or just plain sluggish I say “perfect!”.
You are exactly where you need to be to join your first class. Our entire curriculum is designed to support your progress. In your first classes we’ll work on the fundamentals of grip, strength and coordination. You’ll work on beginner level moves that anyone can do… yes even you! Our beginner levels are designed to capture everyone who feels out of shape, uncoordinated or just not fit enough to join pole. By the end of just one session, you’ll have a whole new perspective on yourself and what you can do!

2. “I’m going to make a fool of myself.” All I can say about this one is come to class and I PROMISE this one will melt away. EVERYONE… I mean EVERYONE! arrives at their first class feeling unsure of themselves but give it a couple of classes and I can’t explain why or how this happens but the worry and self-consciousness just melts away. Before you know it you discover that pole just isn’t as intimidating and out of reach as you once thought. Sure you’re moves are a bit rough around the edges but with practice you start to see them smooth out, your strength builds and with it your self image becomes transformed.

3. “I need to bring a friend”. 85% of our students come to their first class on their own. The first person you’ll meet when you arrive is your super warm and welcoming pole instructor. She’ll help you settle into place and tackle your first pole dance moves and spins. As your classes progress you’ll notice the students in class begin to relax and chit chat with each other. Before you know it the class is just a group of women enjoying themselves and meeting up for frozen yogurt after class. Aradia is more than a fitness studio. If you stay with us long enough we’ll become YOUR community. A group of women that have your back and uplift you week after week!