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Everyone is always in a rush to get…somewhere.

This past weekend I made a huge progress in my personal poling.

Since I began instructing 2 years ago, I’ll admit that although I am stronger than I ever was, I struggle more than the average student to get a move.

What?Why? because I just flat out don’t get the self-practice time a normal pole student would. (Well that’s a bit of a lie. I don’t take it. I have it, but I attempt to enjoy a life balance with my family, relationships and career, so I just don’t have the time).

That last statement, its true of almost any modern day women. Fitting in “me time” is hard.

My progress you ask? I just did a handspring mount. I have been working on that move on and off for two years. I have had no less than ten people try to show me how. This weekend I learned (there is ALWAYS room for improving technique) controlled momentum vs. deadlift and what the true difference was. Once my very patience instructor demonstrated and spotted, I got what I’ve been growing stronger at for the past two years, finally.
What’s my point? So many people are seeking the quick fix, the instant gratification. Pole, Life, relationships, they are a journey. I am so elated about so many different nuances from this little life lesson, I just wanted to share the following points.

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Enjoy the struggle. Your reaction to it is what will make the process and the end result all the sweeter.
Document your progress. It happens in little chunks, so one day will come up and smack surprise you with its “results”. Watching and learning about your journey might give you tips for making other journeys smother.
Don’t give up and set realistic expectations. As someone who works with teaching ladies to attain their goals, I am surprised by how easily they give up because of off the chart whack expectations with no or little input and effort on their end.
Be Patient. Technology and society lock us in on the ideal that we NEED everything we want, when we want it. We’ve grown a lack of patience, and no longer respect…well anything. It is not a fleeting appreciation you get when you actually are patient and WORK at it. It isn’t a rush of adrenaline. It is the feeling of fulfillment of a goal achieved. The long lasting knowledge that you EARNED it, and you OWN it.

Here are some great tips on how to help change your views to be more open:
Build a foundation; Surround yourself with people who know greatness takes time, and work and are not impulsive. They will assist you and help guide your frustrations.; Enjoy the Journey. Seriously, It was what I started with and I’m also ending it. Detach from the outcome, stop focusing on the end, and instead make little targets and enjoy achieving the increments.