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Reflections from a Beginner to Pole Dancing

Mississauga-20141112-01545-1024x768Going in (to my first class) I didn’t have any goals, although I knew that I definitely wanted to leave the class knowing at least one trick. It may sound cliché but I guess what I was expecting was to see a class of girls working the poles (such as twirling/flipping around/doing tricks). It wasn’t like that at all. The classes are fun, motivating and make me feel better! Despite the aches and some soreness that I often begin to feel over the few days after a class. (when I squat down, boy do I feel my legs and it can be hard raising my arms up high).
Working out is a great way to blow off steam and remain focused on yourself, but pole dancing, I don’t know, I mean I could be having a bad day at work or be stressed from my personal life, but as soon as I get to a class, it’s like the negativity never happened!
Pole Dancing is a great way to work out without feeling like you’re actually working out. Great atmosphere, great music, great students & instructors. It’s like working out with a bunch of friends, no matter what level you’re at.

The progression is what really motivates me into coming back. I enjoy watching my body become stronger and be able to do things that I never thought it could be capable of.
I love everything about pole, and I now have a bucket list of new moves and physical achievements I didn’t know existed a few months ago.      —  Alyssa A