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Energy Exchange Program


We are currently accepting applications for the September – February term

Are you passionate about the Aradia Fitness Mississauga (AFM) community? Are you interested in exchanging service for classes at our studio? Maybe you have specific skills that you feel would contribute to the smooth operation of our studio. If so, we invite you to apply to join our Energy Exchange Program.

As a member of the AFM Energy Exchange Team, you will be an ambassador of the AFM Community. You will help to check students in, make them feel welcome and ensure the comfort and cleanliness of our studio space. You may be asked to represent the studio to potential new students whether it be at our front desk, on social media or at community events.


What we will ask for from you:

  • 8-10 hours of work per month (approximately 2 hours per week) consisting of various maintenance and administrative tasks. In some instances, specialized tasks such as social media marketing execution, simple bookkeeping or event planning, for example, may be specified in your individual agreement, depending on your unique skills.
  • A six month commitment
  • Your energy and enthusiasm to represent the community

What you will receive from us:

  • A regular Pole Dancing Membership (value $150 + HST per month)
  • Inclusion in occasional exclusive team building activities and classes with other Energy Exchange team members and Aradia instructors.
  • Experience and insight into the workings of a small business/fitness studio – looks excellent on any resume


  • You should be reliable, punctual, organized, enthusiastic and respectful.
  • Availability to work 2-3 hours per week in the evening or on weekends.
  • You must already have regular attendance at classes at our studio or commit to regular attendance at classes during your Energy Exchange Team term.

If you are interested in applying for our Energy Exchange Team, please email your resume to with the subject Energy Exchange Team. Please also answer the following questions in the body of the email:

  1. Are you a current or previous student at AFK? If not, do you take or have you taken lessons at another pole dancing studio?
  2. What is your pole story? Why did you start or why do you want to start? Why did you stay? How has pole fitness and/or the pole community affected your life?
  3. Why are you interested in our Energy Exchange Program?
  4. What strengths would you bring to the team? Please outline any relevant work or volunteer experience.
  5. What do you believe you will gain through participation in this Program outside free classes? What are your goals? What would you like to learn from us?
  6. Do you have a specific skill or area of focus in your education that you believe could benefit the studio? E.g. Social Media Management, Event Planning and Management, Financial Analysis, Sales and Marketing

Please Note:  We will endeavor to reply to every application as quickly as possible. Please do not follow up by phone. We will contact you if your application is accepted to move on in the selection process or not.

The Benefits of Pole – Personal Perspective from a Medical Esthetician

Written By Hannah Le – August 2015

I’m a medical esthetician, hence, to me health, beauty and fitness are the most important aspects of life, especially my type of business. Among those three, fitness is the most critical factor, without it, it’s difficult to stay healthy and beautiful. Since I started attending the acupuncture program, I have found out I am lack to yang energy which is the energy that keeps us active, hence, I feel tired and sleepy during the days. This syndrome is also prone to cause edema and obesity. I’m supposed to get acupuncture treatment every other day to help balance my energy and regulate blood, body fluid, but haven’t got time for myself.
However, since I started pole fitness three times a week, 2 – 3 hours each time, my yang energy has raised up, I feel energized and active all the time without taking any naps during the day. This is a huge improvement for my health. I also notice my skin is glowing with pink undertone, I no longer look pale and lifeless. Besides, when you sweat more, your body is able to go through a detox process, hence less chance of getting breakouts. Working out also helps regulate body fluid, moisten the muscles, and hydrate the skin, therefore, your skin ages much slower. And obviously, the more you work out, the quicker you get your dream body.
I have tried most of the workout I’ve heard about, but nothing is like the pole experience. When putting your mind into accomplishing a move, you forget you’re working out. That’s what I love most about pole fitness, building your strength without feeling bored of the same motions.
If you are beginner, and would like to build up strength quickly, I recommend you to attend at least 3 times a week, as little as an hour each time. This would help condition your muscles and strength. Besides, it will start you with a good workout habit. Do your best and don’t rush!!! Those are my tips for beginners. Trying to keep that in the back of my mind, is hard. Resisting wanting to know all the moves; but try to relax. Do your best. You’ll get there before knowing it 