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Introduction to our Blog

Hello, and let me introduce you to our blog page.  Rather our ARADIA FITNESS MISSISSAUGA Blog page

This will be a new forum to share our love of Pole Dance Fitness with the world!  For us, Pole has soooo many aspects.

  • Fun Fitness
  • Bring Sexy Back
  • Creativity/Coordination
  • Performance/Inspiration
  • Personal Growth

I’m in awe that there are so many aspects that each capture my passion for growth and inspiration.

Maybe we’ll add categories as we go, but look forward to us (we are a sisterhood after all, so there will be guest writers) adding to each topic as we go/grow!

In the meantime, while the mojo gets flowing here is a piece that falls in the Catagory “Bringing Sexy Back” from a local photographer who specializes in Sexy Boudiour Photos.  Jen from JnK Imagery!   A blog about a transformation of a different sort, but totally just like what we see all the time.  WE LOVE TRANSFORMATIONS!!!!  (and heck, we specialize in them!!!)

Update>> We loved the whole “bringing sexy back” experience that Jen @JnK Imagery provided, that we went ahead and …well…look for yourself!

Pole Dancing is FUN Fitness

Let’s face it…societal stereotypes don’t make the general public perception of this industry mainstream. And never will.

That said, pole fitness is probably the best and ‘funnest’ way to shape and tone.

Why the misconceptions creep in when we take the parallel bars from gymnastics and make them vertical, I will never really understand.

In retrospect, the strength and skill possibly increases, as the options do. Yes we still have dancers that are more into the sensual seduction of the sport, yes we have those drawn to the acrobatic techniques that require uber muscle control and flexibility. There are others that love the spins and movements akin to fluidity of ice skaters in dance.

Regardless, or despite societal views, we all are really nothing more than everyday women who started as students to improve our health and wellness. Whether you stepped into your first class at the encouragement of a friend, or on your own, you came because you wanted to be fit, you wanted to be tone, you wanted something different and fun to cross-train, you wanted to learn or many other myriad of similar great reasons.

Once in, you realize the boost of confidence, the opportunities for physical and technical improvement, the empowerment and the comradery help challenge (and my hope- shatter) the misconceptions of the media and society about how women SHOULD be or act; And about the pole fitness experience. Hopefully it’s a contagious thing. 😀

WE are what makes Aradia Mississauga Unique

What makes us pretty unique is that our studio is a mecca of experts, *(there are EIGHT OF US!!) all sharing our love for teaching, training and enriching the lives of those who come out to our sanctuary.  We believe that we each have something to give.

We are each passionate about our own area, be it Polesilks, Personal Training and Nutrition, Strength Training, Flexibility, Dance skills, Doubles or oh ya, Pole!  Some of us work harder at invigorating your SPIRIT and self-confidence while working on your fitness, and physical health.

Regardless, what sets us apart, is, well, “US!”.

And let me tell you, when I say we are passionate about what we do, we are, because almost all of us do this as our HOBBY, taking time out of juggling daytime careers, and families.  We come from all sorts of backgrounds to inspire; Registered Nursing, Social Working, Accounting, Safety, Education and Finance.  This isn’t our occupation or career…this is indeed our PASSION!

Here we are in case you haven’t had a chance to meet us all!

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