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What Exactly is YOUR Scale Measuring?

weigh inThis poster appeared in my feed recently.

It is a powerful, NEGATIVE statement, and it bothers me every time I think about it. (For those that can’t see the attached caption it reads: “Why weigh yourself when you could set yourself on fire then roll in broken glass and feel the same way?”)

More and more I run into people who are feeling abashed, and beating themselves up because they know they are “overweight” and “need to lose weight”.  Millions of companies and products bank (literally) on encouraging you to feel like that.

BUNK.  Weight — over or under, is one of those societal or actuarial ‘standards’ set in place by others.  Marketing to your fears and insecurities.

Health.  Fitness.  Feeling good about your body.  These things are not measurable by a scale.

Oh, I used to obsess about my scale as well.  I used to like to see the pounds drop.   Then I started the studio, and working on the pole and silks.  I started getting stronger and GAINED WEIGHT!  #shock #horror.

But hang in there a second…it was because I have a new found “core”, a ‘flak jacket of PURE Muscle’.  Yes I still have fat over top of it.  But I find this kind of psyche bashing around using the scale as a measure of how you feel to be utterly disgusting.  I would like you to challenge yourself to think outside of the box.  Find something you enjoy doing.  Find something you think might be a FUN weight goal.  Like being able to “weigh yourself on a wall bar”dakota on wall board like Dakota Fox, our US polresizede-sister is doing here.  Help a friend weigh in, like these ladies, Julie and Dakota, are doing.   Or by weighing yourself by rock climbing or hanging off a pole, or lyra hoop.  Your muscles will tell you exactly how well your “weight” feels.  When it feels easy, comfortable, doable, repeatable…you know you’ve hit a milestone.  Not only in accomplishing a goal, but abashing this kind of “rolling in shards of glass” thinking right out of your head and your world.  And who knows…maybe someone will be infected and INSPIRED by you….not bound further into the ‘pit’ of ‘scale despair’.


Please share with us your great “out of the box” weight targets.   We want to help you inspire the world!

Thanks to Dakota from Aradia Fitness USA, Franchise Owner, Studio Owner, Pole Instructor, Pole Performer, PoleSister Extraordinaire,

Julie Flint, Stony Plain Aradia Fitness Studio Owner, Pole Instructor, Ab-inspirer, Motivator, PoleSister Extraordinaire!


Pole Dancing is FUN Fitness

Let’s face it…societal stereotypes don’t make the general public perception of this industry mainstream. And never will.

That said, pole fitness is probably the best and ‘funnest’ way to shape and tone.

Why the misconceptions creep in when we take the parallel bars from gymnastics and make them vertical, I will never really understand.

In retrospect, the strength and skill possibly increases, as the options do. Yes we still have dancers that are more into the sensual seduction of the sport, yes we have those drawn to the acrobatic techniques that require uber muscle control and flexibility. There are others that love the spins and movements akin to fluidity of ice skaters in dance.

Regardless, or despite societal views, we all are really nothing more than everyday women who started as students to improve our health and wellness. Whether you stepped into your first class at the encouragement of a friend, or on your own, you came because you wanted to be fit, you wanted to be tone, you wanted something different and fun to cross-train, you wanted to learn or many other myriad of similar great reasons.

Once in, you realize the boost of confidence, the opportunities for physical and technical improvement, the empowerment and the comradery help challenge (and my hope- shatter) the misconceptions of the media and society about how women SHOULD be or act; And about the pole fitness experience. Hopefully it’s a contagious thing. 😀